Missouri's Furry Events: November 20-22, in Springfield, MO 

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I have been getting a lot of questions about F3 convention lately due to the website not having any updates and registration being unavailable. Most folks have begun to assume that, with the convention dates looming ever closer, the lack of news must mean something that nobody wants to hear. Unfortunately, the rumors are correct.


I regret to inform you that due to my unexpected, sudden, and prolonged inability to work nearly every waking hour on the convention this year as I have in all previous years, F3con is not happening in 2015. While I hope that the difficulties surrounding the convention can be rectified in order for this to be a mere one-year hiatus, unless many more dedicated persons become staff who are devoted and motivated to actually working hard on the convention regularly throughout the year, it will not be possible for the convention to continue.


While there have been several awesome individuals who went above and beyond at the last minute in order to make the convention happen when no-one else was willing to, the majority of individuals who received credit as staff these past few years, did not actually earn that credit. It is a sad fact that one person can not put on a convention alone, no mater how dedicated they are. Even with regular advice from experienced staffers from other conventions and sporadic help from people who worked hard for a few weeks out of the year, it is an impossible task. And it is also incredibly unreasonable to expect one person to the the vast majority of the work, as has been the case with F3 Convention.


I was once told “Making a convention is the hardest 360 days you’ll ever have fun.”, and they were right in ways I never realized.


My apologies for the personal nature of this message. No-one on staff wanted to write a press release, and in my grief, this is the best I could come up with. 

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I am attempting to arrange for a series of smaller special events on the dates that the convention was scheduled to occur (November 20-22). Please vote in the poll on what event or events you would like to participate in, then stay tuned to the convention’s social media outlets for updates on events and times.


In order for spaces to be reserved and times set well enough in advance, Voting in this poll will close this Friday. Poll is located on the SWMO Furries group page on Facebook. (click to view)



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